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I love writing tenders and grants for mission driven businesses, organisations and individuals.

Tenders, Submissions, Bids or Grants… whatever term you use; they involve a lot of work.

Working remotely, I can help you feel more relaxed and make the complete process of applying for tenders and grants feel easy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a tender and a grant?

People often find this confusing. The simplest way I can describe the difference is: A Tender is where you provide a specific service or good for payment. A Grant is where someone gives you money to achieve an objective or outcome. Some people only write grants, and others only prepare tenders. I offer both.

As a small business, can I apply for tenders or grants?

Just because you’re a small or micro business doesn’t mean you can’t chase government tenders and grants. Many small businesses supply goods and services to the Australian or State or even local government. They all encourage small businesses to compete for government work and are committed to sourcing at least 10% of procurement by value from small and medium enterprises. However, it will depend on the tender or grant you’re interested in.

What is your confidentiality/privacy policy?

All information you give me remains confidential and is only used to complete your project. I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, if required. I will only supply confidential information to third parties with your permission or where legally required. I may approach you after a project is complete for a testimonial to be included in Red Ink Word’s portfolio, marketing information, or on the website.

Do you offer a fixed price

I give you an estimation of how many hours a tender will take after completing a full assessment of the opportunity. This all depends on what services you need from me (i.e. review or full bid management or grant writing) and the complexity of the tender or grant. If I’m coming close to the estimated hours, I‘ll discuss this with you.

What sectors do you have experience in?

I have extensive experience in Community Services and Welfare, Health, Education and Training, Environmental, Infrastructure and Business Services. I have completed many tenders and grants for a wide range of industries and sectors, including Defence, Trade Services, Research, Manufacturing, Industry and Development just to name a few. If I’m not the best person for you, I’ll refer you to someone who can help you.

Will you be doing the same tender for other people?

No, I don’t work with businesses or organisations that will be directly competing for the same pool of funding. Rarely, I may take on another client for the same opportunity if they are in different regions or categories and not a direct competitor.

Can you advise on how we should competitively price our service?

I’m not a qualified financial professional and more a word than numbers girl. I’m not best placed to offer you advice on how much you should quote for your services. You or your financial people are the best judge of your business or organisation.

I’ve hired a tender writer or grant writer; will I have to do anything now?

Yes, although not as much as if you were doing it alone. I work in partnership with my clients. As the person who knows the most about your business or organisation, I’ll need you to have some involvement and input into the process to develop a strong application. As I work with you over several tenders and grants, this involvement and input can lessen as I learn more about what you do.

Meet Your Tender and Grant Specialist

Julia Woods

I’m a trained youth worker and worked for not for profits for over 20 years, before working for a state government organisation where I honed my tender and grant writing skills.

It doesn’t matter your size or industry. I understand tenders and grants.

After writing grants and tenders for over 20 years, I love helping business and organisations make an impact with their services and products.

I help people just like you achieve their ideas and make an impact.

Whether you’re starting out or been running a business for a while, I’ll get your tender or grant submitted on time and find the success you’ve been looking for.

Make sure your words have the impact you want.