When you stop selling and truthfully connect wonderful things happen.

Words are important. When you write your posts, blogs or website copy, are you truly talking WITH your dream client or just talking AT them?

One of the best lessons I have learnt is to stop using meaningless sales speak and to be confident in my message.

You know the words and phrases I mean….


New and improved – is it new? or is it improved? It can’t really be both

Best Practice/Innovative – overused and over-hyped words that really don’t say anything

Honestly – which suggests everything you have said before isn’t truthful.

Utilize – trying to be fancy? What is wrong with “use”?

Instead, speak in terms in which your dream client can easily relate to. This is not for you or about you. It’s for your dream client.

Using a simple, personalised touch can go a long way to making those connections


Do you know who you are talking to?


Do you know the words they use?


Talk directly to your dream client by using words that connect, that they would use… learn the power of directly speaking to them

Only then can you add value and connect to your dream client’s needs


What words or phrases make you shudder?

✍️ Julia Woods

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