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Fascinated by Words

This year is full of firsts for me.

One of those was tossing out having resolutions and instead having a “Word of the Year”. Time to focus on the positive (a guiding word) instead of the negative (resolutions to fix everything)

It made sense to me, especially as someone who LOVES words.

My Word of the Year is intended to be my guide and help me focus on my goals.

It’s not about doing more, but about being who you want to be!

I chose the word “EVOLVE” 🌱

Evolve is all about change and growth for me.

As I reach half way through the year, I am reflecting on “Evolve”, how it grounds my daily life, helps me focus and guide my actions and the choices I make

So far, I have evolved

👩‍🎤 Professionally, I left paid employment and started Red Ink Words where I create professional writing where purpose and passion come together to help socially conscious entrepreneurs make a difference in the world

✍️ Knowledge and Skills by starting long desired study in Diploma in Screen and Media with a focus on journalism

🌟 And my dreams for the future continue to evolve….and I am slowly going with changes and not resisting… after all dreams are all on the other side of change!!!

Time for me to evolve 🌱

I would love to hear what word would you choose for the rest of 2018?

XX Julia Woods

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