Who Is Red Ink Words?

I'm Julia, the content writer and woman behind Red Ink Words.

As a writing sidekick, I'm dedicated to helping you change the world through storytelling and creating content for you that is accessible, inspirational and actionable.

I'll help make sure your words express your individuality and have a positive impact. You never know who you are inspiring!

As a writing sidekick, my mission is to support socially conscious entrepreneurs, just like you, to change the world by transforming your passion into beautiful words, without compromising your core values.

On the surface, I'm a content writer, copywriter and tender writer. But as a writing sidekick, what I really do is give my clients superhuman powers. I create inspirational and actionable content that liberates and energises you.

Leaving you time to get on with truly enjoying and living your authentic purpose of making a positive impact on the world.

Every Entrepreneur Superhero needs a sidekick.

I'm dedicated to giving a voice to your stories and visions.

Find Out How Your Content Can Change The World!!

So, What Is My Story?

I started out my working life as a youth worker.

For 20 years I work in welfare, helping people make major changes in their life and helping them put into words what they wanted.

Alongside the joy of helping people, I researched (even sat on a Human Ethics Research Committee), developed policies, quality assurance and tenders.

However, after an assault whilst at work, my life changed dramatically (which turned out to be a blessing). I left a bad relationship, came out as a lesbian and started to discover who I was.

Julia Woods Youth worker
three person pointing the silver laptop computer

This also led to a career change, where I started writing tenders and grants for an educational organisation.

I worked with an amazing team who were all a little kooky, geeky or oddballs just like me, who challenged and then allowed me to be myself, warts and all.

I rediscovered my love of writing.

A definite word nerd!

I loved the challenge of writing to a deadline, finding just the right word, and turning babble into clear, concise responses. All while helping people tell their story to win funding and further work.

However, my life changed when the organisation announced a restructure and my girlfriend was diagnosed with two serious illnesses!

Sheer panic. Sleepless nights, self-doubts, and procrastination were my favourite friends.

Lots of questioning and thinking, what do I want? What are my goals?, with everything?

In the background, I’d always dreamt of being able to travel and being creative.

Along with my girlfriend, we’d spent years dreaming of having more travel and freedom in our life.

It was that final push to start my own business.

My girlfriend and the team I was working with encouraged me to be brave.

For the first time in my life, I listened to people who cared about me, instead of that nasty little inner voice, and I invested in myself.

what is lead generation?
Fascinated by Words

In 2017, “Red Ink Words” was born.

I didn’t let people tell me I didn’t deserve to have the life of my dreams get in the way of me rising to my dreams.

I had people tell me I could not change the world by being a writer.

It hit me hard; I wanted to give up, but I invested in myself and become a certified content marketer with one of the best in the world.

From this I learnt the value of being authentic in my writing, and that words help us all connect.

And we decided to chase our dreams of travelling. We sold up everything.

I live with my gorgeous girlfriend and our amazing fur babies, (including my three-legged cat Tanzy) in a 1984 Windsor Caravan travelling around Australia.

AND I’m LOVING doing awesome things with clients… writing!

Just maybe dreams can be achieved.


I can’t wait to hear what your dreams are!!!!

Tanzy my three legged cat

Together We Can Change The World!!

Not even superheroes can do everything well.

That's why they often work in pairs

Let me be your sidekick!

So You can get on with your hero business

the story behind "red ink words"

As a passionate writer and communicator, words have meaning and convey feelings to me. I wanted my business name to be multi-layered with meaning.


Is the colour of passion that I have for helping others and writing (yes, I’m a proud word nerd). It’s also the pen teachers used when fixing errors in my school work. Finally, it is a budget “in the red” trying to turn things around.



Is the mark we make on the world and what we use to create words that can change the world.



Are my super power. I am an avid communicator and love being able to find the right words to tell a story authentically and that captures the soul of the reader.

On the whole, I am a positive person. I am knowledgeable about a lot of things (way to curious for my own sanity sometimes) and love working with others to achieve their dreams.

I dream of travelling, experiencing the meaningful events and fascinating people of our world. I love eating good food and just connecting with others.

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What my clients say

Julia is highly professional, approachable and efficient. I have worked with Julia on a number of tender submissions over the past 12 months and found that she has an incredible attention to detail and outstanding collaboration, organisational, proofreading and writing skills. She has an outgoing and positive outlook and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sarah Hardy
Business Development, Account Management, Relationship Management, Training Solutions

Being a business owner, I’ve not always got time to put together product descriptions and marketing writing. Julia has always come to the rescue whether it be editing or researching a product entirely from scratch. Without her I’m sure the business wouldn’t be no where near as good!

Alexa Small
Owner, The Secret Kage

Julia is a talented writer. She is so generous with her offer and I'm so glad we crossed paths. I highly recommend her to any business who "struggles" to put the words together. Thanks Julia xx

Chelsea Johnson
Guided Hearts Holistic Counselling

I have utilised Julia for several of my business projects. Her ability to capture my brand and enhance my copy to project my message in the way I need is a gift! Thank you and look forward to working with you again!

Natalie Dale
Blade Active