Having content is an easy way to engage with your audience and allows you to show your expertise

The problem is there are only 24 hours in a day, and when you're in charge it seems a lot shorter.

Let me help you develop relevant content, so you can get on with doing what you love.

Writing for Business is perfect for all that writing you have to do when you want to change the world, whether it be wording for sale funnels, case studies, video scripts, eBooks, Policy or Ads + lots more

I'll write your content, whether it be a blog, script, or whatever you need, so that it sounds like you, taking your brand, your company tone of voice and brand values into account.



I offer well written, and well-researched content that is written for your ideal clients first, and the search engines second.

This solutions allows me to tailor my services to your needs, whether it is a creating, writing, a refresh, or a total re-write of your content.

All prices are individually tailored based on your requirements .
Prices will be quoted based on the complexity of your requirements, the time it will take to deliver, and the turnaround times required, for each job. Starting at $385.00

So what can I help you with?

Training Resources

Content for Sales Funnels & Lead Magnets

Case Studies


Blog posts

Policy and Procedures

Business Plans



Buyer Personas and other market research

Social Media posts and advertisements

Is there something else you need? Just Ask

Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you

How does it work?

The Writing for Business Solution will vary dependent on your needs but as a general rule will provide:



Final Proofreading: to ensure no typos, errors or awkward sentences get through;

Final approval and content delivered, I will send you an invoice. The content is now yours!


Each solution is approached differently but you can expect to receive ;

~ One free consultation so we can chat about your passion, ideas and outline your written content. This includes a written briefing questionnaire.

~ Research into your industry, target market, competitors and current trends. This allows me to work out the pain points or problems your ideal clients face, which helps to develop topics, types of posts and attention-grabbing headlines

~ Tone guide: Five bite sized content examples for you to select the tone and style you prefer;

~ Copywriting and Editing – (up to 1,000 words per content) including up to two reviews so you are happy with how it sounds

~ Proofreading: to make sure no typos, errors or awkward sentences get through;

~ Image suggestions and Social media snippets

~ Final approval and delivered. The content is now yours!



NOTE: This solution includes all the copywriting, but you’ll need to upload the content yourself.



Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you