Ever wanted a Copywriter in your backpocket?

These solutions are perfect if you like writing your own content but want some professional support to produce highly-compelling, authentic writing.

It doesn't matter whether its a social media post, blog or eBook, having a fresh set of eyes look over your writing can help add that professional touch and makes sure your writing is connecting with your ideal clients. I specialise in making sure you are noticed for your ideas, not your mistakes.

Getting your writing reviewed, proofread and edited can help to polish your writing, making sure that you leave a great impression with your ideal clients.

I will give you an honest outsider’s view, to help you get back on track and help find any inconsistencies.

According to The 2017 Survey Of 1000+ Bloggers by Orbit Media

52% of bloggers use an editor.

1 in 5 bloggers has a formal editing process. Bloggers who have a formal process for edits are 43% more likely to report strong results.



The Copywriter Review is perfect if you need someone who can take a ‘helicopter’ view of your business writing whether that be a social media post, blog or eBook etc.

I offer an outsider’s insight and an additional pair of eyes that can not only assist you in getting back on track but also identify issues, inconsistencies, and holes you might have missed. This solution helps you gauge if your writing will hit the mark for your ideal readers.

My complete honesty is guaranteed. Starting at $120.00


The Copywriter Edit is perfect if you like writing your own content but would like a professional eye to read and review to produce a highly compelling and professional document whether that be a social media post, blog or eBook.

The package provides more than just a proofread - I'll overhaul your structure, content, tone and language to ensure you present awesome content! Editing improves the clarity of expression without altering meaning or intent.

Essentially my editing makes your content as effective as it can be for both your readers and your brand. Starting at $167.00


The Copywriter Proof-Read solution is perfect if you want to be noticed for your ideas, not your mistakes. Your day is busy enough without having to worry about checking or improving memos, reports, presentations, manuals, and all of those other vital but time-consuming documents.

The package is ideal when you have content you are happy with, yet you want to ensure it is a professional standard and is the last step before finishing off a piece of content. It involves focuses on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos and consistency.

Build your credibility by eliminating spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors. Starting at $55.00

Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you

How does it work?

I take a structured approach to review your writing, proofreading and editing, making sure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

I offer a range of discounts across the solutions.


Each solution is approached differently but you can expect to receive

~ One free consultation so we can chat about your passion, ideas and outline your written content

~ Research into your industry, target market, competitors and current trends. (review and editing solutions)

~ Critical analysis where I examine and analyse your writing in detail with consideration to pacing and voice, readability, required improvements from a reader’s viewpoint and overall flow (review and editing solutions)

~ Editing which might involve cutting back content, creating a new structure, and making recommendations about new content that you can add. Where beneficial I will re-write sections. (Edit solution)

~ A comprehensive and detail-oriented report including a Microsoft Word file with Track Changes markup, containing suggestions and sidebar comments. All feedback is delivered in a tactful, constructive manner.

~ Proofreading: to make sure no typos, errors or awkward sentences get through; (editing and proofreading solutions)

~ Final approval and delivered. The content is now yours!

I am particularly good with working with people who native language isn’t English. (Sorry, no students. I don’t edit assignments, Honours, Masters or PhD theses)


Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you