Tenders, submissions, bids or proposals… whatever term is used, it usually means a lot of work.

Tenders are a great way to grow and diversify your business, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and disheartened by the amount of administration and documentation involved.

It doesn’t matter your size or industry – I understand the tender process, what you need to submit and when. I should do: I have been doing this for over 20 years!

If you are going to invest the time and cost of submitting a tender, give yourself the best chance by outsourcing.

I will caution a client against a tender if I believe they have little chance of success or couldn’t deliver the contract.

I offer a range of solutions to support your tendering at any stage of the process, from assessing your readiness to full bid management.

These solutions are perfect for anyone who is looking for tender support to take their business to the next level without the worry and time needed to write credible and successful tenders.

I recognise that small businesses and charitable/not-for-profit organisations often have limited resources. I offer competitive and cost-effective solutions that meet individual needs.

These solutions will help you with all your tendering needs, saving you a lot of work and frustration, and are aimed at maximising your chances of success.

Discounts are available when you combine solutions.



Your Bid, Your Choice is perfect for anyone who is looking for a range of customised solutions for their tendering needs. This solution allows me to tailor my services to your needs and help you at any stage of the process – from pre-tender preparation, total bid management, through to writing and editing, or pitch and presentation support.

Ultimately Your Bid, Your Choice makes sure you remain in control of what you want via structured meetings, reviews and the use of our customised options. There is no set price list. I charge dependent on the selections from my customised options. For longer-term relationships, I offer a range of discounts across the solutions.


Are You Tender Ready? is perfect for anyone who interested in qualifying for a government tender or non-profit grant but is not sure where to start.

This solution assesses that you have everything in place to have the best chance of writing a winning tender and give advice on what you need to improve your chances of success. Starting at $440


Get Tender Ready is perfect for anyone who is struggling with a lack of clear bidding processes or wants to improve their win rate without the workload and frustration.

The solution combines with Are You Tender Ready? to help you to get ready for your first bid, or I can make sure you are well-equipped to win the next one, by recognising areas of importance for application to tenders.

I will make sure you have everything in place to have the best chance of writing a winning tender. Starting at $435.00


Tender Analysis and Sourcing Subscription is perfect for anyone who is looking to grow their business through bidding for tenders and grants without the huge workload of scanning opportunities and pressure to find the right high-potential opportunities.

This monthly subscription includes daily monitoring of tender opportunities relevant to your business and a full analysis of the identified potential tender solutions to make sure you have a good chance of winning.

I will help you make an informed “bid or no-bid” decision tailored to your current position. Starting at $945.00


Editorial Tender Support is perfect for anyone who is looking for editorial support from inception to submission without a lot of work and frustration to develop a compliant, convincing tender response to increase your chances of success.

This solution includes analysis of selection criteria, input to your writing plan, early assessment, and final editing and proofreading. Once I have helped your business establish your solution, I can work with you or your staff to help them articulate the individual responses.

Everyone works differently, and I can tailor my approach to suit you and help your business to put the best bid forward. Starting at $1,815.00


Interim Tender Writing is perfect for anyone who requires an interim bid writer or any other bid position for holiday cover, ad-hoc support or an added resource without the struggle of juggling staff or the complication of recruitment.

As a bid writer, I can fit into your bid team, working remotely, to give the support you require. Assignment durations are flexible to your needs. My interim assignments are 95% remote working with only a short familiarisation period with the business being required before work has begun remotely.

I work on an hourly rate ($55.00), or a fixed quote for large tenders require greater than 80 hours work.


Tender Red Review is perfect for anyone who has a ‘must win' bid for your business, or your first time bidding. Whether your bid team is new or experienced, every draft can benefit from an outside opinion. Getting a professional to assess your tender responses can mean the difference between win or lose.

I can complete the Red review or coordinate and lead your staff in a red review process. Starting at $920.00 (The cost for the review is negotiated based on the expected word count of your completed submission).

Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you

How does it work?

I can help with every aspect of tendering tailored to your situation and needs. I can be involved in your bid process as much or as little as you need. This allows you to select what you require for your current needs.


I take a structured approach to develop winning tenders, making sure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Each solution is approached differently but you can expect to receive

~ Initial Consultation –  to help me understand your business and objectives. We will outline the current tender and your tendering needs.

~ Research into your industry, competitors and analysis of the current tender requirements and selection criteria

~ Other services as selected – You will receive and agreement with a set price so you know what you are getting and the value of your investment  where



I am a highly experienced tender writer with a 80% success rate and a 163% return on investment.


Can’t see what you need? Contact me for a solution tailored for you